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Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

These Videos are not meant to be promotional materials. Watching this video does not replace studying the Operator’s Manual or completing the training of the related medical device. Before using the medical device, please make sure that you fully understand its functionality and the risks involved in using it. For further questions, please contact your Nihon Kohden representatives.

Patient Monitoring

Life Scope G9 CSM-1900 series

Life Scope G5/G7 CSM-1500/1700 series

Life Scope G3 GZ-130P/140P

Life Scope TR BSM-6000 series

Life Scope VS BSM-3000 series

Life Scope PT BSM-1700 series

Vismo Bedside Monitor PVM-4000 series

Vismo Bedside Monitor PVM-2700 series

Bedside Monitor SVM-7600 series

Vital Signs Monitor SVM-7100/7200 series

Central Nursing Station CNS-6200 series



Cardiolife Defibrillator TEC-8300 series

Cardiolife Defibrillator TEC-5600 series

Pulse Oximetry and BluPRO

SpO2 Probe Attachment Guide

SpO2 Probe Attachment Guide (for probes for Neonate and Low birth weight infants)


Correct use for ETCO2 measurement―TG-980P

Correct use for ETCO2 measurement―TG-920P

Correct use for ETCO2 measurement―TG-900P