Hemodynamic Unit AP-170P

Hemodynamic monitoring beyond all expectations

Nihon Kohden’s Hemodynamic Unit AP-170P enables PiCCO, ProAQT and CeVOX parameters to be monitored with one unit. AP-170P will support your therapeutic decision finding.

The PiCCO technology is a combination of the transpulmonary thermodilution method and arterial pulse contour analysis that provides advanced hemodynamic and volumetric management information. The PiCCO method utilizes the standard central venous line in combination with a special PiCCO catheter that has a thermistor located at its tip.


PiCCO indications

  • Septic shock
  • Cardiogenic shock
  • Traumatic shock
  • ARDS
  • Sever burn injuries
  • Pancreatitis
  • High risk surgical procedures


Pulse Contour Analysis

Blood flow

Cardiac Index (CI)

Continuous Cardiac Index (PCCI)
Continuous Stroke Volume Index (SVI

Preload /
Volume responsiveness

Global End-diastolic Volume Index (GEDI)

Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)
Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV)



System Vascular Resistance Index (SVRI)


Global Ejection Fraction (GEF)
Cardiac Function Index (CFI)

Systolic Pressure Increase (dpmx)
Cardiac Power Index (CPI)

Lung Function

Extravascular Lung Water Index (ELWI)
Pulmonary Capillary Permeability Index (PVPI)



The ProAQT technology continuously measures arterial pressure transducer and calculates circulatory dynamics trend parameters such as continuous cardiac output trend.


ProAQT indicatons

  • Perioperative fluid management for goal directed therapy (GDT) in
    - high-risk patients
    - high-risk procedures
  • Assessment of therapy effect
  • Early recognition of unstable patients

The CeVOX technology acquire and calculates parameter such as central venus oxygen saturation measured by connected external module.


CeVOX indications

  • ScvO2 indicates if oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption are in balance.
  • Low ScvO2 clearly necessitates immediate action.
  • ScvO2 can be regarded as add-on to Picco in sever shock situations.