Mobile solution by wearable vital sign monitoring

Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope G3 is a wearable vital sign telemeter which monitors ECG, respiration, and SpO2 to support various phases of ambulatory care without compromising patient‘s safety and mobility.
Based on leading-edge technology, Life Scope G3 provides monitoring anytime and anywhere, so the patient’s vital signs and waveforms can be viewed on the 3.2 inch color LCD display. It enhances cardiology care and ensures the patient’s comfort and mobility.

Safety and reviewing

Life Scope G3 allows you to confirm a patient’s vital signs and waveforms on its 3.2 inch display – from a distance.

  • Mobile: with wireless LAN capabilities, Life Scope G3 enhances the patient’s mobility by increasing the telemetry coverage area. The Life Scope G3 alarm gives notice of sudden change in patient condition.
  • Nurse call: the patient can notify the caregiver with the nurse call key.
  • Enhanced cardiology care: Life Scope G3 supports 3 and 6-lead ECG. It detects 25 types of arrhythmias.
  • Review at the patient’s side: full disclosure waveforms, vital sign trend and a wide range of data are available at the patient’s side without going to the central station. 24 hours data can be displayed when Life Scope G3 is connected to the central station.



With Life Scope G3 you can confirm alarms and review data intuitively at the patient’s side to help streamline your workflow.

  • Advanced alarm management: the two alarm modes of Life Scope G3 ensure both the safety and comfort of the patient. When directly monitoring the patient, monitor mode sounds alarms at both the central monitor and the Life Scope G3. And, to create a quiet bedside environment for the patient, telemetry mode silences alarms at the patient side and alarms only sound at the central monitor.
  • Long battery operation time: with two AA batteries, the Life Scope G3 can monitor ECG, respiration and SpO2 for about 24 hours in telemetry mode. To save battery power, the display can also be turned off after a specified period of inactivity.
  • Intuitive operation: intuitive smooth touch panel operation, such as swiping numeric values to show details or swiping to scroll waveforms, makes the Life Scope G3 extremely easy to use and enables easy and fast access to important information.


Robust network configuration and data backup ensures the valuable patient data is well protected.

  • Robust network configuration: Life Scope G3 uses IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocols for robust and faster communication.
  • Data backup: the communication status icon shows the radio field strength. Even if the patient goes outside the telemetry area, you can check the vital sign data stored in Life Scope G3.


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