CNS-6201 New

Central monitor for LS-NET Life Scope network


The CNS-6201 central monitor provides flexible and effective monitoring and review for an LS-NET patient monitoring network.

  • 32 patient monitoring
  • Both hardwired and telemetry monitors can be connected, and parameters measured by Nihon Kohden monitors are monitored on the central monitor
  • Optional interface unit to connect existing, older model Life Scope monitors
  • Large data storage for powerful review
    • Trendgraph and trend data (72 hours)
    • Arrhythmia recall events
    • ST recall of 12 lead ECG
    • Hemodynamics data
    • Multi-parameter full disclosure — 72 hours of 6 waveforms per patient
    • Data filing of 12 lead ECG analysis from Life Scope A/P bedside monitors
  • Easy operation
    • Similar easy operation to Life Scope bedside monitors
    • Large, 24-inch LCD color flat panel touchscreen. Other displays can also be used.
    • Dual display capability
  • NetKonnect software — Review realtime patient data of a monitor in the LS-NET network from a web browser on a PC that is connected to the network [more]