Polysmith sleep systems


Polysmith software is used in a variety of sleep lab environments and provides a comprehensive approach to studying your patients. From easy to use scoring and recording tools to convenient remote access solutions, Polysmith allows you to work with your entire lab’s data from the convenience of the control room.
Diagnostics are the specialty of your sleep lab. These features help technologists manage their patients and data easily.

  • Live trending of multiple parameters
  • Selectable video and audio quality
  • On-line scoring and editing
  • On-line AHI and sleep time
  • On-line arousal index
  • Remote viewing of live data
  • Auto append
  • Automatic MSLT timer and recording tool
  • Off-line video monitoring

In the ever changing sleep medicine environment the only constant is the need for quick and efficient data scoring and processing–Polysmith offers the following features:

  • Automated analysis
  • Manual scoring and editing of data
  • Custom workspaces
  • Custom montages
  • Customized event wizard
  • Single click editing
  • Auto updating of patient information
  • Auto record tracking
  • LTM tool for use with LTM EEG or EMU files
  • Custom channel creation
  • Custom normative data
  • Custom watermarks
  • Configurable keyboard and mouse keys
  • Edit scoring from trend plots