Neuropack X1 MEB-2300

6 and 12 channel EMG/EP Measuring System


  • 6 and 12 channel amplifiers
  • 18 bit A/D conversion
  • Optional active electrode reduces artifact noise from the electric stimulator
  • Optional compact and easy to use electric stimulator with convenient dials to adjust the stimulation intensity and give electric stimulation
  • Compact and integrated operation panel
  • Easy database management with NeuroWorkbench software

Standard programs

  • Nerve conduction study
    NCS, MCS, SCS, F-wave, Repetitive stimulation, Blink, H-Reflex, Collision
  • EMG
    EMG, EMG2, SFEMG, Macro EMG
  • Somatosensory evoked potential
    SEP, SSEP, ECG-SSEP, ESCP, Electric
  • Auditory evoked potential
    ABR, MLR, SVR, EcochG, Auditory
  • Visual evoked potential
    Pattern VEP, Goggle VEP, Flash VEP, ERG, EOG, Visual

Optional programs

  • QP-258B Trend monitoring software
  • QP-259B Autonomic nervous system test software
  • QP-260B P300, MRCP, CNV