Intraoperative monitoring systems.


  • Dedicated to intraoperative monitoring - Flexible and multi-modality monitoring is available, including SEP, tcMEP, ABR/auditory nerve function, facial nerve mapping and spontaneous EMG.
  • You can select from 16 or 32 channel amplifiers to acquire waveforms.
  • Compact individual breakout boxes for waveform acquisition and stimulation can be placed at the head or foot of the bed to help eliminate extension cords and long electrode wires.
  • Up to 22 sites stimulation sites can be freely controlled with optional extension units.
  • The extension unit (option) can output high or low current pulses to measure evoked potentials.
  • Images during operation can be saved with the waveforms. Microscope images can be displayed using an optional camera capture unit.
  • The NeuroWorkbenchTM SQL database integrates all of Nihon Kohden's neurology devices to provide a complete database across all neuro-diagnostic and monitoring modalities.