AE-120A EEG Head Set

Quick and Simple EEG monitoring in ER/ICU - Opening a new era in critical care -

The importance of EEG parameter in Critical Care has been acknowledged globally. Nihon Kohden proposes brand new technology for doctors and nurses in ER/ICU to start quick & simple EEG monitoring.

Nihon Kohden received the Red Dot Design Award​
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Quick & Simple application

One of the difficulties to perform EEG monitoring in ER/ICU is that very few can apply 10-20 EEG electrode position to a patient head. A laboratory is not open during night and weekend. EEG head set AE-120AK could be a solution for this problem. Anyone can apply it in ER/ICU by simple steps.

  • Seven electrodes positions are fixed on the EEG head set. No need to measure and mark the electrode positions.
  • Thanks to flexible arms, it fits various shapes of patients’ heads.
  • A sufficient amount of gel is prefilled in a cup. With the low impedance of the conduction gel, skin preparation is not required any more.
  • The EEG monitoring software displays various helpful information on the monitor screen, including visual fitting guidance and status information such as battery, and electrode status.

AE-120E Quick and Simple application


By using Bluetooth® communication, the patient does not need to be surrounded by cables. This is ideal for an ER/ICU setting where many cables from several medical devices are connected to the patient’s body, creating a nuisance for the medical staff attending the patient.



EEG head set AE-120A is equipped with 'Active amplifier'. 'Active amplifier' makes artifact from environment and body movement less. Since artifact on EEG waveforms is a big headache in ICU, it is also desired in ER/ICU setting.