May 26, 2020 New! Product Tutorial Videos are added to Service & Support page

New content product tutorial vides are added to Service & Support page.

In order to handle the COVID-19 situation in a smarter way, we decided to create a series of tutorial videos for products in high-demand on hospitals during these hard times. With the help of these videos that cover the most Frequently Asked Questions, we hope to be able to respond efficiently to several requests at the same time.

For more details:
Product Tutorial Videos - Service & Support

The following videos are updated:

  •  Life Scope G5/G7
     CSM-1500/1700 series (English)
  •  Vismo Bedside Monitor
     PVM-4000 series (English)
  •  Life Scope VS
     BSM-3000 series (English)
  •  Life Scope TR
     BSM-6000 series (English)
  •  Vismo Bedside Monitor
     PVM-2700 series (English)
  •  Bedside Monitor
     SVM-7600 series (English)
  •  Bedside Monitor
     BSM-1700 series (English)
  •  Cardiolife Defibrillator
     TEC-5600 series (English)
  •  Cardiolife Defibrillator
     TEC-8300 series (English)