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Three New Improvements in DynaScatter Laser

DynaScatter Laser technology analyzes and differentiates WBCs in near-native state with three new improvements.

1. New small optics with Sheath Flow and Laser Scatter technology

The innovative 3 angle scatter detector provides better detection of WBCs using precise light scattering measurement.

2. New Hemolyzing reagent

Stable chemical reaction in EDTA tube is very important to hemolyze blood cells.

Newly developed Hemolyzing reagents realize the stable hemolyzing process and provide users with accurate results.

3. New Analysis Algorism (Auto Gating Technology)

New optimized analysis algorithm can identify the types of WBC and provide results that match the manual count result as closely as possible.

New Analysis Algorism

New Analysis Algorism

New Analysis Algorism

Correlation Between Results of WBC Differentials Performed By Manual Counting and By Celltac G with DynaScatter Laser Technology

The chart shows a good correlation between the results of WBC differentials performed by manual counting and by Celltac G.

Manual Count and Celltac G
N=202, Celltac Report “Celltac G MEK-9100 Performance Evaluation”

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